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April 21st, 2010

Wheatbread made with Raisin Sourdough

Weizenbrot mit Rosinensauer

After I made the Raisin sourdough I had to bake a bread with it! Because I was not sure how good this would work I decided to do a simple wheat bread with just some seeds added for more flavour. I decided to use roasted sesame and flaxseeds, because that is a combination I like very much.

When kneading the dough could not find a difference to normal dough made with sourdough but the crust get a wonderful dark golden red hue, darker and more shiny then my normal breads. I think that is due to the high sugar amount in the “chef”.

The bread rise good and had a nice open crumb and mild sourdough flavour. Not sour at all, that is how I like my breads!

And like always I sent it to Susans weekly Yeastspotting!

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April 21st, 2010

Raisin sourdough

RosinensauerteigI love (kitchen)experiments. And when they are bubbling and fizzing I love them even more. That’s the reason why I could not resist when I read about raisin sourdough on Chaosqueen’s Kitchen. I read about rising wild yeast that are living on dry fruits on Pain de Martin and Orignial Yeast, too.

And it is really simple to prepare this kind of sourdough. Organic raisins are mixed with honey sugar water and kept on a warm place. After 5 days the mixture bubbled strongly and had a strong alcoholic smell. The Raisin water (without the raisins) is then mixed with flour to create the sourdough.

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