Daily Archives: 3rd April 2010

April 3rd, 2010


OsterhäschenIn March I had to work a lot. There were many things I had to do in Lab and there was a Talk I had to prepare for a meeting. Coming back from this meeting last week I feel a little bit dizzy. This dizziness was the first sign of a bad viral infection I catch. So I stay in bed most of the week, sleeping or watching TV. I did not cook or bake and I was even to tiered to bring the blog up to date.

But now I am feeling better again. I sound still like Darth Vader (Anyone want to guess what I was watching the last days?) but when I do things slowly I feel fit enough to bake little Easter bunnies for Sunday. Some are for our breakfast but most of them are small Easter presents for family and friends.

To bake buns shaped as Easter bunnies is a family tradition and for me as essential for Easter as Easter eggs! Continue reading