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April 23rd, 2019

Spelt Easter Wreath

Dinkel-Osterkranz-29I hope, you all enjoyed the splendid Easter weather! Is there anything better then a Breakfast in the sunshine with the family? For our breakfast on Easter Sunday I baked a Spelt Easter Wreath.

To be able to serve a still oven warm wreath, I decided to go for another overnight recipe. And so I used only a bit butter in the dough while the bigger part of the fat stems fro m the cream. Instead of binding water in a hot soaker or water roux, I opted for using yoghurt in order to make the bread baking more relaxed. And I used a pâte fermentée as a preferment, so I could prepare it already three days in advance, if needed. This helps to relax the busy Easter schedule, too.

And so I only had to prepare the dough and form it after 90 minutes fermenting time on saturday evening. The wreath proofed over night and on Easter Sunday all I had to do is placing the dough in the oven. Perfect for a relaxed sunday!

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April 20th, 2014

Colomba pasquale


Colomba (2)When I baked the little Colombinas about five years ago I was already searching for the traditional paper mold for Colomba pasquale. But I had no luck finding one neither in the “real word” nor in german onlineshops. And so I finally give in and bought a silicon mold, ignoring my dislike of this kind of baking molds. And the mold was delivered just in time, so the only thing I had to was to refresh my sweet starter and start baking.

Raisins and candid orange peel would make my beloved one rather unhappy, so I choose semisweet chocolate drops and chopped candid almonds instead. The fits well with my first colomba memory, when some years ago a former colleague brought back a big, chocolate filled colomba after visiting her parents in Italy. The dough for the dove is similar to my pandoro recipe, but this time I kneaded the butter into the dough. The dough was easy in handling and after baking I was able to unmold the colomba without any problems, much to my relief.

After cooling down we cut the dove and the first bite of it was pure delight. The crumb could be torn into long strands and was as light as a feather, and the combination of chocolate and candied almonds is great, too! This colomba is a real dream dove!

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April 3rd, 2010


OsterhäschenIn March I had to work a lot. There were many things I had to do in Lab and there was a Talk I had to prepare for a meeting. Coming back from this meeting last week I feel a little bit dizzy. This dizziness was the first sign of a bad viral infection I catch. So I stay in bed most of the week, sleeping or watching TV. I did not cook or bake and I was even to tiered to bring the blog up to date.

But now I am feeling better again. I sound still like Darth Vader (Anyone want to guess what I was watching the last days?) but when I do things slowly I feel fit enough to bake little Easter bunnies for Sunday. Some are for our breakfast but most of them are small Easter presents for family and friends.

To bake buns shaped as Easter bunnies is a family tradition and for me as essential for Easter as Easter eggs! Continue reading

February 15th, 2010


DSC_1619I like carnival only in very small doses. Because I am working in one of the strongholds of carnival in Rhineland and because I am living in a small town that is as “jeck”  as cologne its impossible for me to avoid carnival and all the drunken people. Drunkard are the most annoying part of carnival for me.  But carnival has a delicious side, too. There are all the baked goodies you can get at this time of the year. I like Berliner, a kind of jelly filled donut, very much. According to Bäcker Süpke there are two possibilities to get delicious Berliner for Rosenmontag: To buy them in the best bakery around or to bake them by yourself. Continue reading

January 6th, 2010

New Year’s Pretzel

DSC_1265Every year I bake a New year’s pretzel at 31. December which we eat on new year’s morning. This year we came back late in the night of 30. December, so I was to tired to prepare a pâte fermentée for this recipe. So I decided to create a recipe similar to the weckmann recipe using water roux. Water roux makes the bread soft and fluffy and enhances shelf life.

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December 26th, 2009



I tasted Pandoro three years ago when a colleague brought some after visiting her parents in Italy. I fell in love with this rich bread with the feather light crumb immediately. After some Internet search I found a Pandoro recipe from the Simili sisters on Chili und Ciabatta . Its a great recipe I made many times since this day. It is a time consuming recipe but the result is worth every second you spend in kitchen.

And the I saw a sourdough pandoro on Wild Yeast and I knew that this is the bread I have to bake for Christmas.

This pandoro is made with a sweet starter, a sourdough that is feed more frequently for two days to enhance yeast growth. My lovely boyfriend had to do babysitting my sourdough and feed it every four hours while I was working. He did a great job and the starter was vigorous rising after every feeding. On the 23. December I did the dough and the bread rose overnight. My pandoro need about 18 hours to reach the top of the pan and I let it rise the last 4 hours on 30°C! Continue reading