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November 9th, 2010



I can not belive it but it is already my second Blogversary. Since my first Post I wrote 174 Posts and got 970 niece comments. Thanks to all of my dear readers!

To celebrate I baked croissants because a birthday needs a special treat.

The recipe is similar to my other recipe for croissants with Pâte fermentée that I posted about one year ago. But this recipe contains more butter and because I did two single folds and two double folds the dough contains 144 layers.

This 144 layers make the croissants crisp and flaky and they taste delightful buttery.

I froze most of the croissants after proofing, so I bake some for Sunday morning breakfast. When I start with a cold oven I can bake the without defrosting. Just the time for baking has to be about 5 minutes longer. Continue reading