June 2nd, 2014

Bread Baking Day # 68: “Ancient” – The Roundup


It is hard to believe but May is already gone and so it is time to round up the recipe for Bread Baking Day! I enjoyed your submissions very much, they show the whole spectrum of the word “ancient”. There are recipes made with ancient grains like Kamut, Emmer and Einkorn, traditional recipes from France, German, Bulgaria and Italy, even a historical recipe which stems from Roman times was submitted. And you will find a bread from the “ancient” blog past was baked once again, too.

I hope you enjoyed digging into the past as much as I did and that you maybe take away some new (but ancient) ideas. I do for sure! Thank you so much for your submissions!

The next BBD will be hosted by Der Gourmet . He will tell us the new theme on 6th June!

And now please enjoy the round up of “Ancient” recipes:

NiniveNinive von “Ninive loves Life”
started the BBD with a traditional french recipe:

Tourte de Meule


MichaMicha vom “grain de sel – Salzkorn”
sent the

Emmerlein from Günther,

a Bread baked with whole emmer flour and flax seeds, to the BBD.

MelanieMelanie von Mangoseele
used a rye variety and einkorn to bake her



SusanneCheriechen from “Boulancheriechen”
makes me dreaming about vacation in Tirol with her

Südtiroler Vinschgerl


image3026Chorus Ben Ami from“Die Mehlkäfer”
baked a

Westfälisches Schwarzbrot nach Gerd Kellner

in a special clay form called “Elephant Foot”.



GingerGinger from “Ginger and Bread”

baked a German Blackbread

using a recipe which she found in an old Swabian cookbook.

Sandra Kamut-Roggen-Brot 1Sandra from “from-snuggs-kitchen”
likes old grain varietis very much and so she baked a

Kamut Rye Bread

TanjaTanni from “Greenway36”

a traditional roll in Rhineland, the perfect basis for a “Halver Hahn”!



Elke from“sin die Weck weg”
used an old roman recipe to bake rolls named


She baked them twice once with wild yeast and once with sourdough and wild yeast!



GenkaGenka from “Lecker mit Geri”
sended for BBD

Tutmanik – a traditional Bulgarian yeast bread


ConnieConnie from “My Discovery of Bread”
read about BBD only three days before the end of the month and but that did not stop her and so she baked a

Sourdough loaf with Wild Rice

fresella caponata


Anisja von La cucina di Anisja

le freselle

using a traditional recipe of Neapolitan peasants


Althergebrachtes im Topf gebackenZorra from “1x umrühren bitte aka Kochtopf”
baked her first sourdough bread once again, this time as

sourdough bread baked in a Dutch oven


OanaMy dear reader Oana has no Blog of her own,
but nevertheless she baked especially for BBD

Pan de Calabaza

from Maggie Glezers booked “A blessing of bread” with 30% Kamut flour

Knöpfchen (1)

And last but not least my entry:

Knot baked with brewers yeast,

that’s how rolls were baked in former times before bakers yeast was commercially available.



6 Responses t_on Bread Baking Day # 68: “Ancient” – The Roundup

  1. zorra June 6th, 2014

    War ein tolles Thema, hat mir Spass gemacht! Danke fürs Hosten und natürlich auch ein Dankeschön an alle die mitgemacht haben!

  2. sin-die-Weck-weg June 6th, 2014

    Hallo Stefanie,
    ja, spannende Rezepte sind da zusammen gekommen – vielen Dank für’s Ausrichten!!! Die Nachbackliste wächst…

  3. Connie June 5th, 2014

    Hi Stefanie,
    Thanks for this beautiful round up! There are a lot of delicious bread to try next time.

  4. Melanie June 3rd, 2014

    Eine sehr leckerer Brotkorb ist da zusammengekommen! Danke fürs Ausrichten des Events! Liebe Grüße Melanie

  5. Ginger June 2nd, 2014

    Liebe Stephanie,
    Vielen Dank fürs Hosten und für die nette Zusammenfassung – die Auswahl ist echt großartig! Jetzt muß ich mich doch ein wenig mehr anstrengen mit dem Brotbacken, to keep up with the Jones’, wie der Engländer so sagt 😉

  6. Oana June 2nd, 2014

    Thanks dear Stefanie!
    Was a pleasure and an honour being a part of your project. With all these beautiful breads it’s difficult to choose a favorite one. They are all good!


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