January 19th, 2015

“Liebster” Award

liebster-award-logoI never like chain mails. In primary school I constantly ignored all the threads they included and threw them away instead of copying and send them forward. Blog awards are way better because their idea is a lovely one. But I do not want to send them forward today. And so I say “Thank you very much” to Backfreak for the “Liebster” (german for dearest) Award and ignore rule three to five:

  1. Link back the person who nominates you
  2. Answer the elven questions
  3. Nominate another (up to 11) bloggers
  4. asked 11 questions
  5. inform the nominated


What is your  dearest kitchen tool?
My oven

How would you describe your Blog in three words?

Yeast and more (which is the english translation of the blogname “Hefe und mehr”)

Where does your ideas come from?

They come from everywhere: An article I read, a recipe, a picture or a blog post of my fellow bloggers. It can come from a report on tv. Questions of readers are inspiring, too. And sometimes the idea just pops up without me knowing where it comes from.

Why do you like baking so much?

I love to see how a bread, which existed only in my brain some hours ago, turns into real. And baking is very relaxing for me, too!

Do you like more to bake other people recipes or to develop your own recipes?

I have a lot of ideas, so I mainly bake my own recipes. But sometime I regret that I can not bake more because there are so many great recipes out there! But in a two person household the amount of bread eaten is limited.

How do you started baking bread?

My mum always loved baking bread and infected me with the “bread baking virus”.

Where do you buy bread, if you not bake it by yourself?

I can not remember when this happened (leaving aside vacations spend without oven). But on weekends we buy sometimes rolls for breakfast, but as the quality decreased over the last few years, I tend to baking our rolls as well.

Do you belief when a baker tells you that his bread is made without pre-mixes?

When the bread taste like good craftsmanship, then yes!

What is the reason for the “dying bakery’s” in Germany?

In my opinion there are many reasons. To turn the trend, bakers have to come back to the best of their craft (e.g. using long fermenting times and preferment and sourdough instead of premixes) and the customers has to learn to appreciate high quality products once again (by being willing to pay a higher price)

What is your personal no go for baking?

To much yeast and sugar subsitutes

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