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July 24th, 2015

Rose Bud Rolls

RosenbrötchenI hope that you did not start to think that there is no bread baked in our hose anymore. But the hot weather and the start into a new job make me bake less. So we emptied the bread drawer in our freezer (very good, more room for new bread) and I baked “old” favourite recipes like lye rolls or a Sunday braid. Going back to old favourites is sometimes very good, too.

But now the freezer is empty, the temperature is back to tolerable and so I baked rolls for breakfast last Sunday. Nowadays I add some egg yolk into the dough for rolls most of the time, as the lecithin helps to make the crumb tender. The dough is good for rising at cold temperature over night as well, but then you have to take care of degasing it carefully the next morning. Otherwise the crumb of the dough will be to open, and for a breakfast roll I prefer rolls with a even crumb. Big holes and honey goes not well together.

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