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November 14th, 2011

Advent Calendar Give Away–And the winner is …


Give me a drum roll, please! We have a winner of my Advent caleder give away!

I gave a number to each email I get for the give away according to the order I get them, and then generate a number with .

Number 9 is the winning number and this number belongs to Rute of Tangerine.


Thanks you again for all your nice comments and Congratulations to my Advent Calendar! Because some of you asked me where you can buy the calendar: you can buy it at booksstores in Germany and of course in the Internet(Amazon,, Thalia, Weltbild for example).

December 3rd, 2010

Candied Orange peel

kandierte OrangenschaleWhile last year I need a lot of time to find a recipe for Zorras culinary Advent calendar this year it was very easy for me to decide what to prepare. In October when Zorra asked us to send her the title of our posts I spent some time to find the perfect method to candid orange peel. I needed some tries until the recipe worked for me. And the recipe that results from my tests is surprisingly easy and the candid orange peel are really delicious. And when you coat them with chocolate make them even better, a kind of orange praline.

My recipe is very similar to the recipe I found in the “Schrot und Korn” from December 2009, but I let the peels infuse longer in the sugar syrup and I heat the syrup up to 108°C so the sugar will crystallise while the peels dries. For me this method is better then coating the peels with extra sugar after the process of candy.

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December 12th, 2009


Podvodnik (süße Betrüger)When Zorra asked for a theme for my post in her culinary advent calender I had to think for a long time. Christmas seems so far away in October!

At the end I decieded to post a about Podvodnik. Its a cookie recipe that use yeast to rise the cookie. A perfect recipe for my blog, because “Hefe und mehr” means “Yeast and more”!

Podvodnik is czech and means sweet liar. I found the recipe on the homepage of Radio Praha and I was fascinated from the way the dough is prepared. The dough contains no sugar and it ferments one hour in a bowl with cold water. The sweet taste comes from rolling the hot cookies in vanilla flavoured powdered sugar. That sounds strange but it tastes great: a sandy cookie with a nice taste of vanilla. A little bit like vanilla crescents, but somehow different. Delicious! Continue reading