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December 20th, 2012

Tender Hazelnut Bars

zarte haselnussstangen

There was a small Booklet with cookie recipe in the Magazine Landlust in the November/December Issue. I fell in love with the recipe they put on the cover “tender hazelnut bars” – and so it was on top of my mental “have to try” list for Christmas baking this year.

The cookies are easy to made, you just have to form finger thick strands and cut them into 5 cm pieces. And for decorating the cookies with some chocolate stripes, they are put close to each other, so that there is no gap between them. To pipe the chocolate on all them is then easily done.

I like the Cookies very much. They are simple, but delicious– no spices will overpower the taste of hazelnuts here. And that is the magic of these cookies, they just relay on the quality of their ingredients. A perfect addition for my christmas cookie plate!

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December 11th, 2011

Little Plum Packets

Pflaumenpäckchen Its already the third advent and I still did not post a single Christmas cookie recipe! I have to change this immediately!

But until now I bake the traditional cookies in our family: Vanilla crescents, Liebesgrübchen, Black and white Kisses and Linzer Rings. But in the December Magazine of “Schrot and Korn” there were a cookie recipe that temped me very much. Little Plum Packets a butter cookie filled with plum butter and ground nuts.

They looked very complicated but when I read the recipe I realise that they are much easier to do the I thought. You just has to cut out stars, place a little bit of the filling in the middle and fold the pointed ends of the star over the filling and close everything with a hazelnut.

The cookies are great: a soft fruit and nut filling with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. I like them very much!

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December 12th, 2010

Thüringer Spitzbuben

Thüringer SpitzbubenI tested already some new christmas cookie recipe this year but not one was as good as the ones I bake every year during my christmas baking. But this weekend I came across the recipe for “Thüringer Spitzbuben”. The name Spitzbube left me puzzled because I knew the term Spitzbube as an alias for Linzer Cookies, the delicous cookies filled with red currant jelly.

But the “Thüringer Spitzbuben” are not filled with some jelly, instead an almond is pressed in the middle of the cookie and glazed with some egg yolk. The dough is seasoned with cacao and cinnamon and smells irresistible during baking.

It has no similarity to his namesake but it taste delicious. I like the combination of almonds, cacao and cinnamon very much and so there is a good chance that this recipe will be added to the recipes I bake every year. Continue reading

December 12th, 2009


Podvodnik (süße Betrüger)When Zorra asked for a theme for my post in her culinary advent calender I had to think for a long time. Christmas seems so far away in October!

At the end I decieded to post a about Podvodnik. Its a cookie recipe that use yeast to rise the cookie. A perfect recipe for my blog, because “Hefe und mehr” means “Yeast and more”!

Podvodnik is czech and means sweet liar. I found the recipe on the homepage of Radio Praha and I was fascinated from the way the dough is prepared. The dough contains no sugar and it ferments one hour in a bowl with cold water. The sweet taste comes from rolling the hot cookies in vanilla flavoured powdered sugar. That sounds strange but it tastes great: a sandy cookie with a nice taste of vanilla. A little bit like vanilla crescents, but somehow different. Delicious! Continue reading

December 6th, 2009


Liebesgrübchen (1)We call them Liebesgrübchen (I don`t know how to translate this. Maybe love pit?) for other people they are Engelsaugen (angle eyes) or Gulatschen.

And after some resarch I find the english name Thumbprint cookies for them. But how ever you call them, they are delicious!

Liebesgrübchen are a traditional cookie for christmas in my familiy and there is no christmas without them. Normaly I bake a recipe from “Handbuch für die Weihnachtsbäckerei” from Pfeifer & Langen, but this year I brake the tradition somehow when testing Bäcker Süpkes Recipe for Gulatschen.

His recipe contains less sugar and egg but much more butter. He recommends to rest the dough one night in fridge to get a nice sandy cookie. My dough stayed in fridge even for 36 hours because on friday, when I planned to bake I had to stay in lab untill night because my experiments worked not the way they should. So I postpone baking to Saturdaymorning. Continue reading