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June 25th, 2015

Berry tartlets with Elderflower Cream

Beerentörtchen (3)

It’s summer. Maybe the weather is autumn-like (which is somehow typical German) but the strawberry stall is back at the Albertus-Magnus-Place and this means: It’s summer. They are selling strawberries from a local farmer and the special offer of the week were two Kilogram for five Euro! I did not hesitate and bought a basket for my beloved  boy friend. As I’m allergic against strawberries he had the two kilos for himself and so he had enough fruits to cook jam, to snack them pure and to bake a cake.

And as I like some cake as well we made come with blueberries for me as well. The base of this little tarteletts is Sablé Breton, which I found on Michas Grain de Sel, and which I topped with an elderflower flavoured cream and with berries (of course). The delicate flavour of elderflowers fits to the berries very well. The cream is very easy and contains just elderflower syrup and whipped cream. A perfect cake for lazy weekends!

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May 29th, 2012

Fraisier–eine Erdbeer-Vanille-Torte


I tend to bake a torte for my dads birthdays. This year I asked him if he like to have a torte with vanilla and strawberries, he liked the idea and so I decided to bake Fraisier. The Fraisier looks pretty cool because the strawberries at the rim are split, so that you can the them nicely.

Sadly I can not tell you how the cake tasted because I am allergic against strawberries. But nearly the whole cake vanished, so I think the guests liked it :-).

We spent a great day in my parents garden. It was niece weather and niece people, so we could just relax.

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