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January 19th, 2017

Frequent Questions about Bread Baking

Panousi Fotografie


It’s been some month ago when a reader suggested to build a “help” page where I could bundle and answer the most frequent questions. That was a great idea and I can use this page as roadmap to one ore the other informative post I wrote in the past eight years. Many of these are hiding between all the recipes.

I hope, you will find this page helpful and that you find the answers for your questions. And if not, this will be a good place to asked general questions

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February 13th, 2011

Question about Dough


There are a different methods for making a Dough: Kneading by hand, Folding, kneading with a kitchen machine? Which method is the best?

In my eyes there is not “best” method, each method will develop a gluten network and that’s what we aiming for. So it is up to you to choose the method you like most.

When Kneading by Hand I like to use  Bertinets kneading technique because you will get fast a nice developed dough. Continue reading

January 31st, 2011

Questions about: Ingredients

FragenA reader of “Hefe und mehr” asked me to create a categorie for Tips and Basics about Baking, to make it more easy to find necessary information about baking bread. I’m working at the moment on a little series about Bread baking theorie but until I am satisfied with the my preparations, I offered that she could send me her questions per email or comment.  And she has a lot of questions, so I decided to sort them a little bit and publish my answer here in my blog because they may be of interest for other reader, too.

Today we have a look at ingredients: which amout of yeast and water should I use, what are the benefits of egg in a dough and should I use Butter or oil? Continue reading