Daily Archives: 2nd April 2009

April 2nd, 2009


Somewhere in germany, in the middle of the night: a dark figure sneaks out of the sleeping room and tiptoes into the kitchen. The alarm clock shows three o’clock. In the kitchen, the figure opens quietly cupboards and take out bowls, yeast and flour and prepares a poolish.

Then I tiptoe back to bed, think about if this is a case of “acute baking delirium“. But I plan to bake ciabatta this afternoon, so who  cares 😉

The Ciabatta that Steve from Bread cetera bake using the douple flour addition/ douple hydration, is very impressiv. White open crump, perfect crust, thats how a ciabatta should look like. And that exactly what I want to bake, too! I baked ciabatta maybe two or three times before, and was never satisfied.I had some biger air cells, but most of the crump was more or less dense. Continue reading