Daily Archives: 28th April 2009

April 28th, 2009


Another collegue finished her PhD thesis, and today was the great day of her disputation. It is a custom at our university that the new Doctor get a selfmade Doctor-hat, a Doctor-wagon and a Doctor-cake. So I was asked if I could bring a cake, a question I will always answer with yes 😉

For the last two disputations I do Schweizer Rüblikuchen, something that is very delicious, but I thought it would be not very creativ to bake it a third time. Filing through my recipes at Chefkoch.de I found a recipe for Brownies.

Containing a lot of sugar and cacao you get nearly a sugar-shock when you eat more than a tiny bite, so it is really perfect for my lab mates 😉

The Recipe is very easy, so its perfect, if you come home from work late in the evening (like me in the last weeks). The decorations I did this mornig at work together with a collegue. Continue reading