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April 16th, 2009

Multigrain bread with levain and prefermented dough

We do house-sitting at my parents place during the Easter holidays. The weather was fine, so we spend a lot of time in the garden. But free days are not perfect without baking for me. I brought sourdough, seeds and grain from home, my mum has a kitchen machine and a lot of bread pans.

I was so glad that it’s really a lot of bread pans, because I underestimate the recipe. I was a little bit worried, when I looked into the bowl of the kitchen machine and saw how much dough was inside.

I end up with more then 3 kg dough, which yields 5 loaves between 500g and 1 kg. Luckily I have enough space in the freezer to freeze most of them.

I reduce the recipe for the blog, so it yields now two loaves of 750g.

The recipe is from “Advanced bread and pastry” from Michael Suas, I just replaced the rye flour with millet.

The special part of the recipe is that it uses both levain and prefermented dough, which create a very tasty bread with a light crumb. Continue reading