May 25th, 2009

BBD#20: 4 grains bread with mixed seeds

The theme for Bread Baking Day No. 20 is “Multigrain Breads”. That is a perfect theme for me because I love the gain of flavor that the diffrent typs of grain give to the bread.

My first plan was to bake a bread containing a mixture of diffrent kinds of rice. I have a very nice mixture containing wild rice, red rice from camargue and unpolished rice. But while this mixture is delicious as a part of a meal, it get lost in the bread. Both the red rice and the unpolished rice could not stand up against the wholemeal wheat dough, neither in taste nor look. Only the wild rice gave nice dark spots in the bread. So I end up with quite normal tasting wholegrain bread, that did not live up to its promise. But luckily I had a Plan B: 4-grain-Bread containing wheat, spelt, corn (as polenta) and cooked oat, and my favorite mixture of seeds: Pumpkin seed, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds and sesame. I baked this bread before and know, that it taste delicious.

4 grains bread with mixed seeds


  • 200g wheat (fresh grounded)
  • 200g spelt (fresh grounded)
  • 400g water


  • 100g oats
  • 300g water


  • 200 g ripe sourdough (100% Hydration)
  • 550g flour (Typ 550)
  • 150g polenta
  • 250g water
  • 10g yeast
  • 22g salt
  • 200g mixed seeds (Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds and sesame)

Soaker 1: Mix spelt and wheatflour with water and rest for at least 4 hours.

Soaker 2: Cook oats untill they are firm to bite and let drain well before prior usage

For the dough mix sourdough, soaker 1, polenta, flour, water, yeast and salt 5 min at slow speed (kitchen machine) then another 6 min at max. speed. At medium glutendevelopment knead again at slow speed to mix in cooked oats and mixed seeds gently without tearing the gluten.

Proof for 1 hour.

Form to breads and give them into two pams.

Proof for another hour.

Bake at 250°C with steam for 30 min.


I send this post to Rachel of tangerine’s kitchen who host Bread Baking Day this month 🙂

5 Responses t_on BBD#20: 4 grains bread with mixed seeds

  1. Stefanie May 29th, 2009

    @ Stefan: Danke! 😀 Den Reis hatte ich gekocht, so wie den Hafer für dieses Brot. Ich denke, das nächste Mal würde ich einen hellen Brotteig als Basis nehmen, damit der feine Reisgeschmack nicht untergeht.

  2. Stefan May 29th, 2009

    Ein tolles Brot! Helle Körnerbrote mag ich am liebsten. Werde ich mal nachbsateln!

    Wie hast du den Reis in das (Versuchs)Brot getan? Gemahlen? Eingeweicht?


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