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August 23rd, 2010

Confiture de lait

Confiture de lait (1)

Its now about two weeks that I posted the last time. The last weeks were extremly busy so that I had no time for trying new recipes. I bake only recipe that are tried and tested.  But if you are looking for something you can top on your bread I can strongly recommend Confiture de Lait. The inspiration for my recipe I found here, here und here .

The confiture de lait is a caramel spread similar to dulce de leche. But while all recipes I found for dulce de leche asked for sweet canned evaporated milk confiture de lait is make with “real” milk. I do not like evaporated milk, so I preferred this recipe. And I love the fact that the confiture contains vanilla seeds and sea salt. That adds a delicious taste to the spread.

And it is not a difficult to prepare. You need milk, sugar, a vanilla pod, some salt and time. I needed about one hour and I think that if you increase the amount of ingredients you have to increase the time for cooking, too.

At the end of the cooking time you have to keep an eye on the confiture de lait because now it will become dark very quickly. I like it most when the spread is still light brown because then the caramel flavour is not so strong and harmonize very good with the vanilla.

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