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July 31st, 2010

Spelt and Seeds rolls


The last weeks were very exhausting. My work in the lab is very time consuming at the moment and it seems that it stays like this until middle of September. That’s why I posted not very frequently in the last time and I am afraid that I will not post regulary until the most important experiments are done.

The Spelt and Seeds roll I baked on saturday last week. The Idea for this recipe came to me when I thought about what to do with left over boiled spelt grains. I decided to use them in a dough for rolls. I added a soaker with rolled oats and flax seeds. This made the rolls soft and hearty.

The combination of whole wheat flour, white spelt flour, spelt grains and flaxseeds is perfect for a delicious sandwich for lunch break.

For this week I am to late for Yeastspotting, so I send it for next weeks edition of Susans weekly showcase of yeastbaked goods.

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July 18th, 2010

Pane Pugliese – BBD#32

Pane Pugliese

Apa269 of Family & Food & other Things choose for Bread Baking Day # 32  the theme “Italian Breads” . Thats a perfect choice for me because it is really hot at the moment and at hot summer days I prefere light breads like Ciabatta oder Pane Francese instead of my normal whole wheat breads.

At our last trip to Metro, a wholesale, I bought a kilogram of durum flour. So I decided to try Pane Pugliese.

But despite the high hydration and the three stretch and fold cycles the crumb was rather dense and not so wide open as I wished it to be. But the crumb was nicely soft and it tasted delicious so I was satisfied. The durum flour gaves a nice yellowish colour to the crumb.

We used a part of the bread for Bruscetta and it was perfect for this.

I submit this bread to Susans Yeastspotting, too.

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July 8th, 2010

Chocolate swirl bread

Schokowirbel Brot

At Happy Home Baker, the source for the in german blogs so famous hokkaido milk bread, I found this beautiful bread with a zebra pattern.

I baked it already two weeks ago but having a busy time in lab (again) I had no time to post it. I hope I post it now in time for yeastspotting.

The bread has the same wonderful soft crumb as his famous cousin hokkaido milkbread. To achive a cotton soft structure I used water roux. Water roux is a mixture that contains of 1 part flour and 5 parts water and which is heated to 65°C. It cause the starch to gelatinization, so it binds more water, which make the bread softer and fluffier and enhanced the shelf life.

The bread is very delicious with a bittersweet chocolate taste. It tastes delicious on his own but with a slightly sour marmalade like red currant it tastes even better.

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July 4th, 2010

Apple Mint Ice tea


The heat we had the last days (more then 37°C) is gone overnight and it is about 8°C colder then yesterday but it is still very humid so that every movement seems to be to much. I am not made for Temperatures about 30°C. My brain seems to work with half of its normal speed then.

So I need some refreshments. And a really delicious refreshment is a Apple Mint Ice tea. The Inspiration for this kind of Ice tea we get when where shopping in our supermarket. The organic brand Alnatura has a new softdrink called “Naturell”. It contains of mineralwater, jucie and herbal extracts. We tested the different mixtures and liked “Apple and Mint” most. But I think that one Euro is to much for 500 ml. So I bough one litre organic apple juice  instead. At home I made some mint tea with fresh mint from my parents garden and mixed the tea with apple juice. That is cheaper and tastes better because I can adjust the mint taste to our preference.

A cool and refreshing drink for long and hot summer sundays.

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