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July 4th, 2010

Apple Mint Ice tea


The heat we had the last days (more then 37°C) is gone overnight and it is about 8°C colder then yesterday but it is still very humid so that every movement seems to be to much. I am not made for Temperatures about 30°C. My brain seems to work with half of its normal speed then.

So I need some refreshments. And a really delicious refreshment is a Apple Mint Ice tea. The Inspiration for this kind of Ice tea we get when where shopping in our supermarket. The organic brand Alnatura has a new softdrink called “Naturell”. It contains of mineralwater, jucie and herbal extracts. We tested the different mixtures and liked “Apple and Mint” most. But I think that one Euro is to much for 500 ml. So I bough one litre organic apple juice  instead. At home I made some mint tea with fresh mint from my parents garden and mixed the tea with apple juice. That is cheaper and tastes better because I can adjust the mint taste to our preference.

A cool and refreshing drink for long and hot summer sundays.

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