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December 23rd, 2010

Black and white Kisses

Schwarz-Weiße KüsschenWhen I saw the Black&White Kisses from foodmayhem at Tastespotting  I fall in love with this little meringue puffs. I had to bake them directly! And because I planned to bake linzer cookies I used half of the dough for the kisses instead.  And some left over egg white I always found in my kitchen during Christmas baking.

I use all my left over chocolate which I grind finely. I used about three times of the chocolate amount the recipe ask for.

To make the cookies lactose free I prepared the dough with margarine.

The small kisses are beautiful, delicious and easy to do. I like the feeling when the kisses melt in the mouth. Chocolate and meringue are a perfect couple. Another new Christmas favourite. Continue reading