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December 25th, 2010

Christmas tree rolls

Weihnachtsbaum-BrötchenFor raclett with the family on christmas eve I volunteered to bring some bread. I decided fastly, that I want to bake Sacaduros. But then I feel that I would like to bring something with whole wheat, too.  Simple rolls are to boring for Christmas I thought but then I remember something I saw last year on Cindystar: beautiful Christmas tree rolls.

They are not so difficult to make: Rolls in the shape of stars in different sizes are pilled on each other and fixed with a wooden skewer.

Because I do not own big cookie cutters in form of a star I used Bertinets Methode to form Stars. The holes in the middle of this star I filled with small dough balls.

These little Christmas trees are a nice Eye catcher for the Christmas table Continue reading