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March 26th, 2011

Cream puffs with raspberry cream filling

Windbeutel mit Himbeer-SahneA colleague of mine served at her birthday delicious cream puffs filled with raspberries. When she told me the recipe of the filling I realized that it is so simple that I did not need to write it down: Mashed raspberries folded under whipped cream.

On last Sunday afternoon I longed for a cup of coffee with some sweet treat. Luckily I found some frozen raspberries so I could bake some cream puffs with raspberry filling.

I posted the recipe for pâte a choux before and baked it since then often. This time I decided to bake the cream puffs a little bit bigger so I baked them a for a longer time.

Something I learned since I baked cream puffs for the first time is that the convection mode in the oven is really helpfull, especially when you open the oven a little bit to early and the puffs start to collapse. Then close the door  fast and switch on convection mode. That let them puff again and saved on of my batches! Continue reading