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May 9th, 2011

Seeded bread with sourdough a la Hamelmann

Saatenbrot mit Sauerteig nach HamelmannWhen Lutz describes a bread with the words “a new favourite” then I know that I have to try this bread by myself. And a bread with sourdough, whole wheat and seeds is always tempting for me.

And so I did not wait long until I bake this recipe. I made some small changes, like roasting the seeds before soaking them and I made the sourdough with freshly milled wheat. My third change is that I bake the bread a little bit longer, so that I get thick aromatic crust.

The resulting bread is delicious, an easy to handle dough, with a very good ovenspring and a great taste. I can just repeat what Lutz already said: A new favourite! Continue reading