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May 22nd, 2011

Sandwich bread with 2 preferments–very soft and fluffy

Toastbrot(3)I don’t like Sandwich bread so much – normally. Especially I am not a big friend of toasting sandwich bread – but thats the kind of bread that my boyfrind love and so I bake this kind of bread, too. And I like the challenge to create a soft and fluffy light bread.

To archive a regular crumb which you can tear away in long fibres you have to knead the dough intensively and degas the dough very well before forming a loaf.

This tricks I used for sandwich breads before, but when I saw the extra soft Sandwich bread of TXFarmer at Yeastspotting I note all the Tips and Hints in Handling the dough. The Sandwich bread of TXFarmer contains egg white instead of whole eggs. That’s add extra protein to the dough which makes the crumb more stable without changing the look or taste of the bread like adding whole egg or egg yolk would do.

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