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May 29th, 2011

Soft Curd buns

QuarkweckchenThe Theme of this month’ bread baking day is “Bread with Curd”. You can find bread and Pastry made with curd very often on our table and I bake already two recipes for BBD with curd.

Because I like sweet buns ( they are called “Weckchen” in cologne”) very much I decided to bake some “Quark-Weckchen” (Curd buns) for bread baking day.

Curd makes bread moist and adds a subtle tartness to the dough. To prevent a to sour dough I decided to use a poolish as preferment. I kneaded the dough very long to make the crumb fluffy and regular and because of butter and egg the crust stays soft.

I do not use so much sugar for this buns, so if you like a more sweet bun like Pani di cena you should increase the amount of sugar.

The buns are everything that I love for a quiet breakfast: Soft, slightly sweet and slightly sour. Prefect for sunday mornings!

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