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July 7th, 2011


MohnzopfThe weekend two weeks ago was very rainy and grey, and after a exhausting week in the lab I was in a really bad mood. But instead of staring out of window and asking myself where the summer has gone I decided to do something that cheers me up. Baking something is always good to brighten me up and it is my favourite cure against stress and and bad moods.  To knead a dough, to feel how it develops and becomes soft and silky, to see how the dough slowly rise and to smell how the tempting aromas fill the house when it bakes in the oven relaxes me and make me happy again.

This time I decided to bake a Mohnstriezel (Poppy seed braid). Because the taste of poppy seeds alone in the filling can be overpowering I decided to mix the grounded poppy seeds with semolina pudding which I flavoured with some lemon peel. And because its sometime boring to use always the same form for this kind of bread I did a variation and cut the filled dough halfway in slices and fan them a little bit. This looks very attractive and taste so good!

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