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July 18th, 2011

Light Sourdoughbread with roasted grains and seeds

Helles Sauerteigbrot mit Flocken und Saaten(2)It seems like I would spent each wake moment in the lab. I try not to spent the nights there, but I start very early in the morning and at the moment I work very often one day of the weekend, too. There is a silver line on the horizon, promising that I will finish the missing experiments very soon and that we can resubmit our paper in near future. For me this means although a well deserved vacation!

Due to the enormous amount of work I have less time for Blogging. I still bake bread, take pictures and write down new recipes, but to put everything together as a post is not so easy at the moment.

When baking at the moment I use recipes that need not so much time each day. My favourites are those recipes that requires proofing over night.

This light sourdough bread is such a recipe. It taste very nutty because of roasted rolled grains and seeds, it is very fluffy and soft and it has a deep complex taste due to the two preferments and the long, cold proof.

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