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December 9th, 2015

Birthday blog event–The round up

Blogevent hochFor my Blog-Birthday-Event I got many terrific recipes. They range from No knead Breads over different breads with Nuts, Potato Breads to simple Sourdough recipes. I enjoyed reading the mails and Blog entries very much!

It just took me a bit of time to put everything together as round up as we had some very busy weeks here (cooking for Ph.d. Defenses for example). And in the meantime I although put together all of my recipes for the Bread baking course for a little eBook which will be available from Saturday on (but only in German for the Moment).  In the first four weeks you can download it for free at Amazon and other online bookstores. Later it will be available for a small fee, so download it now 🙂

And please enjoy all this great recipes for my Birthday Pary!


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December 7th, 2014

Breakfast at Stefanie’s: Round up


The last month was a quite busy one and I was not so much at home. Time for blogging was rare and time for reading other blogs or leaving comments was even rarer. And so I enjoyed it very much to read all your post last weekend. I was so happy that so many people baked something for our virtual breakfast! I tried to leave a comment on every page, I hope you get them all because everyone did such a great job!

So please take a seat on our virtual table. Do you want a cup of coffee, or tea or a cappucchino? Or better some juice or water? Here we have honey (from granddad), homemade jams and jellies, some chocolate spread, quark and cheese. Does anyone would like a boiled egg? Or scrambled eggs? For bread, please help yourself from this stunning selection:

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November 9th, 2014

Six Years “Hefe und mehr” – The Birthday Blog Event

Blogevent eng

It is six years ago since I wrote my first blog post. Can you imagine that? And each year I look back in amazement. It seems to be just yesterday that I press the “publish” button for the first time.  And now my “Baby” is old enough to be a school kid! How time is flying…

The success of my book amazes me , too. It was sold more than thousand times and that without a big publisher or a lot of marketing. I got a lot positive feedback which makes me very happy. I never hoped that so many people would like it! And just in time for the Blog Birthday Bod lowered their prices for hardcover and so I can now offer a hardcover version of “Hefe und mehr” as well.

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