December 7th, 2014

Breakfast at Stefanie’s: Round up


The last month was a quite busy one and I was not so much at home. Time for blogging was rare and time for reading other blogs or leaving comments was even rarer. And so I enjoyed it very much to read all your post last weekend. I was so happy that so many people baked something for our virtual breakfast! I tried to leave a comment on every page, I hope you get them all because everyone did such a great job!

So please take a seat on our virtual table. Do you want a cup of coffee, or tea or a cappucchino? Or better some juice or water? Here we have honey (from granddad), homemade jams and jellies, some chocolate spread, quark and cheese. Does anyone would like a boiled egg? Or scrambled eggs? For bread, please help yourself from this stunning selection:

MilchbroetchenmuffinsTanja von “Greenway36”


Ina-Christin von “Brotzeitliebe”


Pogaca 013

Liane/ Chorus / das Mehlkäferchen von “Die Mehlkäfer”


Katmer Poğaça

Pain ViennoisAnne

Pain Viennois


Eva von “Kochpoetin”


Weckmann (lactosefrei, eifrei)

Britta von „Brot vom Niederrhein“

Weckmann (auch in der Version fructosearm, kuhmilchfrei, eifrei)

Kürbisbrötchen mit Rum-Früchten

Karin von  “Brot & Meer” 

Kürbisbrötchen mit Rum-Früchten

Conchas mit ZimtduftCheriechen von “Boulancheriechen”

Conchas mit Zimtduft

IMG_1075Arvydas von “miltu debesys”

Bread with the old bread crumbs




Ciabatta with Poolish






IMG_1077lithuanian honey cake


Marion von “m hoch drei”



scheckenlaks Zimtschnecken

Konstanze von “Scheckenlaks”


Norwegische Zimtschnecken – kanelboller

sin-die-weck-wegElke von “Sin die Weck weg”



FrühstücksbrötchenUlrike von “Küchenlatein”

Martin Johanssons Frühstücksbrötchen

SemmellängeSusanne von “Magentrazerl”


Pao de deusSusanna von “Mehlstaub und Ofenduft”

 Pao de deus

MusketierbrotMicha von “Grain de Sel”

Das Musketierbrot: Kamut D’Artangan


Ninive von “ninive loves life


KartoffelbrotDoreen von “Kochen und Backen im Wohnmobil”


kc3bcrbis2Björn von “Der Brotdoc”

Laugenstange (2)Und von mir gibt es natürlich auch etwas:


Titel-deutsch Fluffige Brötchen-Pamuk Poğaça.JPG Geri von “Lecker mit Geri”

Pamuk Pogaca


And who won the book? I gave every entry a number according to the time the entry arrived here (this is the same order I used for the roundup). One of you already has her own copy and asked to be excluded from the drawing.  Between the other 19 I let decided: It is Number 2, which is Ina-Christin from Brotzeitliebe! Congratulations!

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  1. Eva December 10th, 2014

    Wow, das ist wirklich eine beachtliche Sammlung zusammen gekommen! Und, ja, ich hätte gern ein wachsweiches Ei. 😉
    Liebe Grüße,


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