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July 28th, 2013

Coconut chocolate bar


At the moment I’m couch bound. A horse fly bite on my knee inflamed badly during this weekend, sending me with fever to the hospital. The good thing is that on Sunday mornings only few people are waiting in the emergency department and  so I get my antibiotics quite fast. But the rest of the day I have to cool my painful leg and walk as less as possible. That is so boring! And so it is very good that I remembered some blog post I wanted to finish since a while.

Like this recipe for coconut chocolate bars, which I made for my favourite colleague as little “thank you” some weeks ago. I found the recipe over at Paule , who got it from Gourmandises végétariennes. The original recipe stems from a Alnatura contest but is not online anymore.

I stick nearly completely to the recipe, only replacing the rice milk with coconut milk, because I decided the more coconut flavour is in the bar the better it is!

They are perfect for hot summerdays, refreshing when served out of the fridge and so delicious, that you will need to hide the box!

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December 21st, 2012


PeppakakorIs everyone still here? Or  did the apocalypse happened somewhere?

In our little corner of the world the “weather precast for the apocalypse” did not come true (luckily). It is good that I bought my christmas presents already, now I will need them Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund!

With 4°C and a lot of mist this day should be spend on the couch, snuggeled in a warm plaid with a cup of tea and some cookies. On my cookie plate I have some old friends as well as some new. A new recipe besides the Hazelnut Bars and Allspice hats is the recipe for swedian Pepparkakaor

This delicious recipe I found on My Italian Smörgåsbord and I had to try it. It is packed with nuts, spices, malt and honey and they are very delicious. The next time would just exchange the coconut with some hazelnuts, then they will be perfect for me!

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