Daily Archives: 1st June 2009

June 1st, 2009

Vanillacream Torte

This week it was my Dads birthday, but while the birthday was in the week, so we meet at the weekend for coffee and cake. I promise to bring a cake and after thinking a little bit, I decided to make a Vanillacream-Torte. The making was easy and luckily I took a picture because the summerhot car was not a good for the torte. The chocolade dekor on the top melted and the sides became soft. 🙁 Arriving at my parents place I storm inside without greeting and place the torte in the fridge. This rescued the rest of the torte. Luckily the taste was not harmed 🙂 and I have a picture to proof that once the torte looks nice 😉 Continue reading