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June 18th, 2009

Light Wheat Berry Bread

Today I worked just half of the day because around lunchtime the plumber should have a look at our bathtub.  While he was searching for leak I used the time to refill our empty breadbox. I choose the recipe for the bread already yesterday evening at Chili und Ciabatta: Light Bread with Wheatberries.

I changed the recipe a little bit, I reduced the yeast amount and instead of normal wheat I used Ebly (tender wheat). I like Ebly very much, because it needs just 15 min untill cooked. Perfect if I have not much time to cook.

The recipe is easy to do and the resulting bread is fluffy but has a distinct bite from the wheatberries.

And the plumber find the leak, too: the soap dish in the tub was not water-proof sealed! If tomorow everything is dry, too, then everything is finde 🙂 Continue reading