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June 8th, 2009

BBD#21: Pizzadough with Poolish

My pizza dough was fermenting in the kitchen, when I thought: lets check the theme for BBD#21! And then I could not belive my eyes: Zorra choosed for the second anniversary of Bread Baking Day the theme Pizza-Party ! Cool, I never had my post for BBD ready so early in the month! 😀

We have pizza ver regular since we have our small pizza oven Alfredo. He is a hot-blooded fellow and can heat up to 450°C (thats 842°F !) so he can compete with a real pizzeria oven. I found him while reading in a forum and fell in love with him immidiatly. Before we own the pizzaoven, I had to heat the bread baking stone for one hour before I could bake two pizzas! My ecological consience scold me every time because of the waste of energy. Alfrdo needs about 10 min to heat up and every Pizza needs just 4 min untill it is done. When I think about preparing dough in advance it is even possible to get a pizza when we came home lately from univeristy without order it somewhere. Continue reading