June 27th, 2010



Reading Yeastspotting always gives me inspirations and recipes which I have to try instantly. When I saw Natashyas Korni I was lost at the same Moment. It looks delicious and I fell in love with the name. And when I read the recipe I meet my favourites flaxseeds and millet. There was roasted soy beans in the list, too. And that was perfect because I bough some soy beans some time ago to make some breads with it.

But before I rushed in the kitchen to start baking, I had to make some adjustments in the recipe (like I always do ;-))

I replaced the rye and all-pourpose flour in the poolish with spelt flour type 1050 and I reduced the amount of yeast to 1g fresh yeast. And that was more than enough to encourage the poolish to explor my summer warm kitchen during the night (Note to myself: Use bigger bowls when the kitchen has 24°C or more).

Another change in the recipe is that I increase the amount of flaxseeds and soak both millet and flaxseeds in hot water before using. And I milled some of roasted soy beans to flour because the lecithin in the soy beans improves the dough structure.

The dough was very soft but with some flour handling and forming the loafs was easy to do. During proofing the loafs rose highly and they had a good ovenspring, too.

I am very happy with the resulting bread. It has a nice, airy crumb with a crispy crust. The millet, soy beans and flax seeds gave some crunch to slices and it tastes great. This is a bread I will bake again for sure!



  • 130g wheat, freshly milled
  • 280g spelt flour Type 1050
  • 530g water
  • 10g diastatic malt
  • 1g fresh yeast

Soaker 1

  • 100g soy beans

Soaker 2

  • 100g flax seeds
  • 100g millet


  • whole Poolish
  • 440g flour Type 550
  • 40g water
  • 10g fresh yeast
  • 10g roasted and millet soy bean (optional)
  • 17g salt
  • Soaker 1
  • Soaker 2

Mix water, flour and yeast for the poolish and ferment it overnight (about 12 hours).

Soaker 1: Soak soy beans in boiling water for 10 min. Drain and process in a food processor to rough chunks. Heat a pan to middle heat and roast the soybeans until they are dry and start getting brownish.

Soaker 2: Cover millet and flaxseeds with boiling water and soak them for about 20 min. Drain well before use.

The next mornig: Mix poolish,flour, water, yeast, milled soy and salt and knead it for about 3 min at low speed, then 6 min on high speed until medium gluten development. Now reduce the speed to low speed again and add both soakers. Knead until well combined.

Ferment the dough for 60 min.

Devide the dough into two pices and form them to light balls. Rest them for 20 min.

Form to two loafs and place seam side up in well floured breadforms. Proof for 90 min.

In the meantime heat the baking stone at 250°C.

Bake at 250°C for 40 min with steam.

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  2. Lien July 15th, 2010

    I just discovered this now. Looks very good this bread. Shame you didn’t submit it for the BBBuddies roundup for june! Beautiful photo too

  3. Stefanie July 1st, 2010

    @Nesrin: Danke schön.
    @Mama: Die Eissaison wurde im Labor heute eröffnet, mit unserem Lieblingsrezept: Zitroneneis. Wegen dem Eierliköreis habe ich schon eine Idee!
    @Susan: Thank you!

  4. Reka Herberth June 29th, 2010

    Mein lieber Schatz,
    ich denke, dass es für alle, die dich kennen reichen würde zu erwähnen, wenn du ein Rezept mal komplett nach der Vorgabe kochen/backen würdest. 🙂
    Das würde uns allerdings dann glatt sprachlos machen. Eine schöne nicht so heiße Woche. –Ist die Eissaison im Labor schon eröffnet?– Suche ein Eierliköreisrezept.
    Kuss Mama


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