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February 8th, 2011

Flaxseed Rolls


I like rolls with seeds. And flaxseeds are always fine. And so I like the idea of spelt flaxseed rolls wich Ulrike posted on Küchenlatein very much but I prefer recipes with less yeast and a preferment. And I had no spelt in the pantry, so i decided to bake some wheat flaxseeds rolls using my own recipe.

The dough contains a Pâte fermentée and is slightly softer then the recipe that Ulrike used. The dough is still easy to handle and to form the rolls is easy. Just flatten the dough thinly and then roll it into a log.

Half of the rolls I cut in length wise like Ulrike the rest I cut two times in an angle of about 15°  like you would cut a baguette.  The lengthwise cut allow the roll to expand mainly in the width, while the diagonal cuts keep the tension that was created while shaping the roll and so the roll expand in the width and high during the oven spring. I like the diagonal cuts more, to be honest, they gave a nice look to the bread and the shape is more pleasing. I use them most of the time when cutting oval breads and rolls.

The rolls are tasty, aromatic with a nice crumb and good crust but I miss the nut like taste of whole wheat. The next time I would replace 20% of the flour with whole wheat flour. Continue reading