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March 26th, 2011

Cream puffs with raspberry cream filling

Windbeutel mit Himbeer-SahneA colleague of mine served at her birthday delicious cream puffs filled with raspberries. When she told me the recipe of the filling I realized that it is so simple that I did not need to write it down: Mashed raspberries folded under whipped cream.

On last Sunday afternoon I longed for a cup of coffee with some sweet treat. Luckily I found some frozen raspberries so I could bake some cream puffs with raspberry filling.

I posted the recipe for pâte a choux before and baked it since then often. This time I decided to bake the cream puffs a little bit bigger so I baked them a for a longer time.

Something I learned since I baked cream puffs for the first time is that the convection mode in the oven is really helpfull, especially when you open the oven a little bit to early and the puffs start to collapse. Then close the door  fast and switch on convection mode. That let them puff again and saved on of my batches! Continue reading

March 20th, 2011

Curd rolls

QuarkbrötchenLike Lutz I like to vary the basic recipe of the yoghurt sesame rolls very much. The Hazelnuts rolls were my first variation and a very delicious one!

When my mum asked me if she could bake the yoghurt sesame rolls with curd instead of yoghurt because she like the more sour taste of curd. I told her directly “What a great Idea” and go to the kitchen to create a recipe with curd.

Like in the recipe for this no knead wheat bread I added a poolish and fold the dough three times before fermenting over night. To fold the dough is a easy method to develop the gluten network which creates a nice crumb without kneading. Because curd contains not so much liquid as yoghurt I added some milk to the recipe.

The curd rolls taste aromatic and slightly sour and the crumb is soft and moist. The crust is nice but not as crisp as the crust of rolls just made with water, flour and yeast.

Because the rolls are not kneaded they fit perfectly for the theme of the 38. Bread Baking Day which is “no knead Bread”. I send the entry also to Yeastspotting, Susans weekly showcase of yeast baked goods. Continue reading

March 13th, 2011

Sweet Hörnchen

süße Hörnchen

When I was small I loved to eat “Hörnchen” for breakfast. This crescents made of a sweet dough are still a favourite treat when we sometimes have breakfast at the cafe that is attached to my favourite bakery.

I don’t know why I never baked them at home. Somehow this idea did not occur to me. But last weekend I changed this sad fact and baked “Hörnchen”. They are so easy to do!

I decided to prepare a sweet yeast dough with pâte fermentée for more aroma and structure and water roux for a soft crust and a fluffy cumb.

And when I drew them out of the oven I knew that they are success. The crust is soft, the crumb fluffy and the taste is great. I love them for breakfast on Sunday, spread with honey from a local beekeeper. Continue reading

March 6th, 2011

Nut triangles

NusseckenSometimes the simple things are the best. For me Nut triangles belong to this categorie for sure  – the only time comsuming part is dipping the edges in molten chocolate. Who – like me – loose the patient after dipping half of the triangles can decorate the triangles with graphical patterns. That looks nice, is much faster and taste as good as the one with the nicely dipped edges.

I based my variation on the recipe I found in “Handbuch fürs tägliche Backen”. I doubled the amount of dough and filling because I never menage to fill a whole baking sheet with the amount given in the recipe andI reduce the over all sugar amount.  Instead of using chopped nuts I ground half of the using the coarse grater of my kitchen machine. And the greatest change is that I used quince jelly instead of apricot jam something that tastes very good. Continue reading

March 4th, 2011

Yoghurt Rolls with caramelized Hazelnuts


The Yoghurt Whole Wheat Toast, a Variation of my Whole Wheat Sandwich-Bread that Lutz baked make me longing of a Yoghurtbread or Roll. Yoghurt in bread is something delicious. As a Breakfast roll we like the yoghurt sesame rolls very much. But always the same kind of rolls is boring and so I decided to bake some similar rolls but this time with whole spelt flour, some honey and caramelised hazelnuts – that is a delicious mixture.

When you prepare the caramelized hazelnuts I can recommend to make more then the recipe asked for. Then you can snack some and put some in the dough. I had to struggle with myself not to eat all of the nuts at once – they are so good! I roasted the nuts in the oven instead of roasting in a pan to get  more even roasted nuts.

The rolls are as delicious as I hoped for, slightly tartish from the yoghurt with a distinct sweetness from the honey and the nuts.

Continue reading