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April 23rd, 2011

Easter eggs coloured with natural dyes

Ostereier natürlich gefärbtI love to test different natural dyes for Easter eggs. And so I try each year different dyes which I extract from plants and spices.

This year I decided to use tumeric, red cabbage and red beets. I started to collect peels from red beets when cooking already some weeks ago and keep them in the freezer until now. With the red cabbage I use the fact that the anthocyanin which gave the colour to the leaves is pH sensitive and  change colour depending on the pH. A high pH gave a green-blue colour, while a low pH change the colour to red.

I used the red cabbage dye at a neutral pH for staining dark blue-green eggs, while increasing the pH with soda leads to light green eggs. The most suprising fact is that the red solution which had a low pH because of the vinegar resulted in bright blue egg. I never expected such a bright colour because I used brown eggs. Continue reading