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June 26th, 2011

Light Wheat-Spelt Bread with Sourdough

Helles Weizen-DinkelbrotWhenever Martin posts a new Bread recipe I read the recipe attentively. His simple recipes and methodes are always worth a try.

This time he was inspired from Tartines Book Bread (its on my wishlist, too) and proofed his bread overnight in the fridge. For the dough he tested both kneading the dough with the kitchen machine and his gentle folding methode and both worked fine for him.

I changed the recipe a little bit (something that wouldn’t surprise anyone) because I don’t like to eat only white bread during the week. When I eat white bread I get hungry again much to fast. That does not happen when I eat bread with whole grain. And so I replace one third of the flour with whole spelt flour.

The bread I drew out of the oven is delicious, with an open crumb and a thick crust.  It taste complexly of sourdough and whole grain, mild and not very sour. And it’s not complicated, it only needs a little bit time and scheduling. A new favourite!

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