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July 31st, 2011

Sweet Buttermilk Rolls

Süße Buttermilch-BrötchenSince I baked the Yoghurt Sesame Rolls the first time I think about how to change the recipe so that the overnight method would work for sweet rolls, too. Normally I add some eggs to my sweet rolls dough, but to keep a dough with egg overnight at room temperature was too risky in my eyes. And so I decided to try a modified sweet roll recipe using buttermilk. Buttermilk is rich on lecithin same as egg yolks which is positive for the dough development.

Folding the dough develops the gluten network nicely and makes the crumb fluffy and soft. The crust is soft, too like a good sweet roll should be. The rolls gain flavour due to the long fermentation even without adding a preferment and the rather low hydration makes them easy to shape so that this recipe is ideal for beginners in bread baking.

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July 24th, 2011

Pudding Pretzels


Pudding pretzels or Pudding pastry are one of the best pastries you can buy in the bakery. They are so delicious that I even ignore that the boyfriend calls them “Eiterbrille” (that means pus-filled goggles). I know this term for them is common in the Rhineland but I don’t like it.

The pudding pretzels you can buy are made with danish pastry dough but when I made them last weekend I decided to use a simple challah dough instead. That saves some time and a lot of calories!

I filled the both of the loops of the pretzels with pastry cream and they bake very well. All of my fears of melting fillings that flood the oven did not hold true. I would have liked it if the filling melt a little bit at last so that the surface of the pudding would be more even. But it stays as rough as it was when I filled it in. Next time I have to take care to smoothen the surface! Continue reading

July 18th, 2011

Light Sourdoughbread with roasted grains and seeds

Helles Sauerteigbrot mit Flocken und Saaten(2)It seems like I would spent each wake moment in the lab. I try not to spent the nights there, but I start very early in the morning and at the moment I work very often one day of the weekend, too. There is a silver line on the horizon, promising that I will finish the missing experiments very soon and that we can resubmit our paper in near future. For me this means although a well deserved vacation!

Due to the enormous amount of work I have less time for Blogging. I still bake bread, take pictures and write down new recipes, but to put everything together as a post is not so easy at the moment.

When baking at the moment I use recipes that need not so much time each day. My favourites are those recipes that requires proofing over night.

This light sourdough bread is such a recipe. It taste very nutty because of roasted rolled grains and seeds, it is very fluffy and soft and it has a deep complex taste due to the two preferments and the long, cold proof.

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July 17th, 2011

Potatoe Buttermilk Rolls

Kartoffel-Buttermilch-BrötchenI don’t like it when I have left overs in the fridge. They tend to grow old and after some days I will throw them away. And I don’t like to throw away food! Normally I plan our meals so that we eat everything or that the left overs are enough to be packed as lunch at work on the next day. But this saturday there was some potatoes left. Nothing else, only potatoes. And we had a invitation for Lunch the next day, so cooking something with something with them was out of question.

I inspected the fridge and found following things: Some Pâte fermentée, made because I wanted to bake something but without any recipe in mind, a cup of buttermilk and as I told before, potatoes. Looking on these things I had a Idea at last: I would bake some nice rolls for breakfast on Sunday.

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July 9th, 2011


PavlovaWhy did I wait so long until I tried this recipe? I don’t know! It is a simple recipe with three components that promise dessert heaven on earth: Meringue, cream and fresh fruits. And like Eton Mess  the magic of pavlova consists of this mixture of crunchy and soft, sweet and sour and this made the dessert irresistible.

I saw Pavlovas on many food blogs before: Claudia bake them, and Paule, Nicky and Barbara made them some time ago, too. And every time I read one of their posts I thought: I have to try this! But I didn’t do it until this weekend. When we bought some delicious berries (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries) I decided that they would be great for a pavlova.

I like the miniature version of the dessert that Claudia bake and so I decided to do single portion pavlovas with a diameter of only 10 cm and a little pit in the middle to keep the cream.

The recipe is really simple only waiting for the meringue to bake/dry takes some time. And you will be rewarded with a delicious dessert for your patient waiting! A great recipe for the summer!

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July 7th, 2011


MohnzopfThe weekend two weeks ago was very rainy and grey, and after a exhausting week in the lab I was in a really bad mood. But instead of staring out of window and asking myself where the summer has gone I decided to do something that cheers me up. Baking something is always good to brighten me up and it is my favourite cure against stress and and bad moods.  To knead a dough, to feel how it develops and becomes soft and silky, to see how the dough slowly rise and to smell how the tempting aromas fill the house when it bakes in the oven relaxes me and make me happy again.

This time I decided to bake a Mohnstriezel (Poppy seed braid). Because the taste of poppy seeds alone in the filling can be overpowering I decided to mix the grounded poppy seeds with semolina pudding which I flavoured with some lemon peel. And because its sometime boring to use always the same form for this kind of bread I did a variation and cut the filled dough halfway in slices and fan them a little bit. This looks very attractive and taste so good!

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