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April 15th, 2015

Bienenstich Muffin

Bienenstich (1)“Bienenstich” is a traditional german cake and its name literally means “bee sting”. For me it is a classical cake to serve on Sundays together with some coffee. When my parents visited us last sunday, I decided to make some muffin sized little Bienstich. Their dough is a “sibling” of my actual favourite braid, but in contrast to the original recipe it contains more cream and no butter. For a relaxed baking I let them proof overnight in a muffinpan in the fridge. And due to the fact that my kitchen machine kneads much better when using 500g flour,  I doubled the amount of dough and made a little braid for breakfast with the second half.

The only little disadvantage is the height of the muffin which makes it challenging to eat it. The easiest way is to split it in two halves. Then it is very easy to enjoy this delicious cake!

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March 23rd, 2014

Custard Streusel Cake



I posted already about my favourite Streusel cake recipe. Could a better recipe exist?


It exists!

Add a layer of creamy vanilla custard  between dough and streusel and you will get the best streusel cake ever!

I found the inspiration for this on Juttas Blog, who discovered the pudding streusel cake at Dampfi kocht und backt. I used my streusel cake recipe (which works greatly with sweet starter instead of pâte fermentée, too) but added a layer of homemade custard. And this mixture of soft custard and crisp streusel is just divine!

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October 28th, 2012

Ammerländer Apfelkuchen

Ammerländer-ApfelkuchenDuring autumn, one of the most used fruits in our kitchen is apple. And when I wake this morning very early around due to the change from daylight saving time to winter time, I decided to knead the shortcrust for apple cake Elfriede. And while the dough is resting in the fridge I have time to blog about the apple cake I bake last weekend. I found the “Ammerländer Apfelkuchen” on Chili & Ciabatta and fell in love with the mixture of apple compote and custard which is used for the filling. Because I always cook custards without the help of convenient products I used Petras Recipe as inspiration, but with my own dough (with a preferment and less yeast) and a  homecook custard. This apple cake is now the new favourite of me. It has a soft apple filling, topped with rich custard, butter, sugar and almond slices.  The compote filling reminds me a little bit of the Rheinischen Riemchenkuchen. And due to this filling, it stays fresh for some days! Continue reading

July 24th, 2011

Pudding Pretzels


Pudding pretzels or Pudding pastry are one of the best pastries you can buy in the bakery. They are so delicious that I even ignore that the boyfriend calls them “Eiterbrille” (that means pus-filled goggles). I know this term for them is common in the Rhineland but I don’t like it.

The pudding pretzels you can buy are made with danish pastry dough but when I made them last weekend I decided to use a simple challah dough instead. That saves some time and a lot of calories!

I filled the both of the loops of the pretzels with pastry cream and they bake very well. All of my fears of melting fillings that flood the oven did not hold true. I would have liked it if the filling melt a little bit at last so that the surface of the pudding would be more even. But it stays as rough as it was when I filled it in. Next time I have to take care to smoothen the surface! Continue reading

December 28th, 2010

Chocolate Custard


After Christmas I start normally with checking my pantry and fridge. We spent the holiday at our parents homes and at a huge family get-togther and everywhere we get delicious lunches and dinners so my fridge was nearly empty. But I found a bottle of milk which was a little bit over the date of expiry. I want to use the milk before it goes bad. So I used half of it for confiture de lait but for the other half I had another plan.

Since beginning of December there was a Chocolate Santa standing in the living room and no one wanted to eat him because the chocolate was a cheap quality. And what is the traditional fate of not eaten Chocolate Santas (or easter bunnies)? Right, put them in some chocolate custard. Continue reading