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June 13th, 2011

Breakfast rolls

Frühstücksbrötchen (2)I like Martins simple “overnight dough” Method very much. In the last month I modified it a little bit so it fits more to my taste. I added a poolish to add more aroma to the bread and folded the dough three times to improve the crumb structure. I used this modified version first time for the simple wheat bread and my mum varied this recipe in the last month – baking it with different flours and seeds – and she was always pleased with the success.

For the rolls I stayed with Martins simple Overnight recipe for a long time, but now I wanted to test my poolish variant with the rolls, too.

I planed to bake buttermilks rolls, because buttermilk makes rolls delightful fluffy. But there was nothing but a tiny little bit of buttermilk sitting in the fridge, so I had to fill it up to the amount of liquid needed using some whey.

The resulting rolls are delicious, with a very thin crust and a soft crumb. This is a recipe I will bake again.

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