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September 10th, 2011

Raspberry Scones

Himbeer-SconesWe were invited to a Brunch on Saturday. And because I don’t like to go to an invitation without offering to contribute something to eat I asked the hostess if she need something. She told me that something sweet would be nice and so I decided to bake Raspberry Scones.

I saw a recipe for blueberry scones at Seelenwerk and the pictures Mila take were so mouthwatering. The recipe is from” Baking with Leila” from Leila Lindholm and this is a cookbook I own, too! It never tempted me so much but when I read the recipe in the book. Its good that we have blogs, too!

The original recipe asked for grated lemon peel and blueberries but I was in the mood for raspberries and so I decided to replace the blueberries with frozen raspberries and lemon peel with orange peel.

The dough is easy to prepare and the scones are fast to prepare and fast to bake.

It was the first time I bake scones and I am very pleased with the result. A recipe I will bake again for sure!

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