Daily Archives: 4th September 2011

September 4th, 2011


Sonntagsstuten In this Region of Germany we call sweet Bread baked in a loaf pan “Stuten”. There are different kinds of Stuten, some are prepared with raisins, other are plain and seldom you can get one made with almonds. I like the one with raisins – Rosinenstuten – very much, but because some person of this household don’t like them I decided to bake a plain one when I were longing for a soft sweet bread last weekend. I used Pâte fermentée as a preferment like  in the other Braids und ChallahRezepten because it adds a nice flavour and give strength to the gluten network. And like in the soft Sandwich bread or the Butternut-Squash Bread recipes a strong gluten network is a key for a fluffy bread with a regular. The bread has a very rich taste because of vanilla and lots of butter added to the dough. Just the kind of bread I like for Sunday morning breakfast.

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