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September 22nd, 2011

Potato bread with walnuts

Kartoffelbrot mit WalnüssenMy colleagues and me used the sunny warm Friday last week to light a fire in our barbecue in our lunchbreak  – probably for the last time this year. We grill all the left overs we had frozen the last times and spend a nice hour in our garden, relaxing after a long week. As a side dish we prepared potatoes which we roasted in the fire. We finished nearly everything, at the end there were only five potatoes left. I do not like to throw away good food so I take this potatoes home and put them into a bread.

I added roasted walnuts, whole wheat flour and some whole rye flour (just a little bit so that my stomach will not complain). As a preferment I chose Pâte Fermentée, which adds a nice flour. I put the bread with the seamside down into the breadform, so the crust will crack in an irregular pattern during the ovenspring. This made a delicious rustic bread, which fits perfectly to sunny days in the beginning of autumn.

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