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September 29th, 2011

“Normal” Rolls

BrötchenIn the different regions of Germany plain rolls have different names: In the north they are called “Rundstücke”, in the South “Semmeln” or “Wecken” and in the East they are called “Schrippen” or “Doppelte”, and in the West, were I live, we call them “Brötchen”. But as a friend who has to travel a lot told me some days ago, as long as you asked for “Normal” you will get what you want in every bakery.

I still try to create rolls with a fluffy and soft crumb. I will not give up this aim, someday I will get the ingredients in the perfect ratio like it work for the sandwich bread, too.

My newest attempt include some egg white, a little bit of milk and butter. I used some Pâte fermentée and knead until the gluten is fully developed.  The crumb is already much better then before, it is evenly regulary and softer then before, but not as soft as I whished for. The rolls proofed nicely and had a good oven spring. Pulling them out of the oven they started directly to “sing” when the crust cracked because of the soft crumb which shrink when the bread cool down.

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