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July 28th, 2012

Müsli Rolls


For a relaxed breakfast with my sister I planed to bake some rolls. The day before I came home from work lately. It was maybe the only week of “real” (hot) summer we get this year in Germany, and so I decided to enjoy the good weather as much as possible and go swimming first. When I came home I was to tired for long kneading and make some overnight rolls.

As basic I used my all time favourite Recipe for Yoghurt Sesam Rolls, but this time with some whole rye flour and additional Müsli mix. The Müsli is a homemade mixtrue containing rolled oats and barley, raisin, dried apples, sunflower seeds, a lot of chopped almonds and sesame and flax seeds.

I let the dough rise overnight and early in the next morning I formed and baked the rolls, refreshed after some hours of sleep.

And later that day we enjoyed the rolls. They have a crust, which stays a little bit soft – just as my sister like her rolls – and a soft crumb. The overnight fermentation gave them a complex flavour and yoghurt adds some tartness. The perfect roll for sweet marmalade or honey, but great with cheese, too.

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