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July 15th, 2012

Cinnamon waffles

Zimtwaffeln(2)Nearly three years ago I baked gaufres de ligé. Since then I baked them regularly and Chaosqueen and Steph from Kleinen Kuriositätenladen baked them, too.  And then Paule baked her Schuedi recipe in a new form: Cinnamon waffle schuedi. This are gaufres de ligé de luxe! Paule got the idea from another blog, where they baked  cinnamon rolls in a waffle maker. This Cinnamon waffles are the deluxe version of the the gaufres de ligé.

In my first try I followed her recipe but was a little bit disappointed of them, the dough was a little bit to firm and a high amount of butter leaking from the filling during baking. And so I tried them a second time,changing the recipe by reducing the yeast amount, adding a water roux and some more butter to the dough but reducing the butter amount in the filling.

And now I think they are perfect, caramel and cinnamon in perfect harmony, a sweet dream!

Who can not get belgian pearl sugar (Sucre grain perlé) can use sugar cubes, which are coarsely crushed. Or you should think about a trip to Belgic (Chocolate, good beer, pearl sugar). Zwinkerndes Smiley

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