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July 14th, 2012



Last weekend I thought about trying another shape for my loaves then the normal round boules or slender batards. I felt that it was time to bring some geometry in my kitchen and try to shape some triangles.

That the dough should contain 30% whole wheat flour, flax seeds and a poolish I had already decided the night before. A not to wet dough, perfect to test a new shape.

To shape the triangle, I preshape round loaves, let them rest for some time and then I flatten their sides and fold this “wings to the middle of the bread. That created a bread with the perfect triangle shape.

And the taste of the triangle is good, too. The flaxseeds adds a nutty flavor and the poolish give some complexity to the aroma of the bread. The crust is crisp and the crumb is open. A good bread for my lunch breaks!

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July 14th, 2012

How to form a triangle bread

To shape a triangle bread is not complicated.

You start by forming your dough to a ball and let it rest for 15 – 20 min (1).  Now flatten the sides of the ball, forming a higher triangle in the middle (2) with “wings” attached to the triangle. Fold the “wings” into the middle (3 – 5) so that a triangle is formed. Shape the edges of the triangle to sharp points. Then turn the loaf seamside down (6).

Wie man ein Dreick-Brot formt