July 14th, 2012



Last weekend I thought about trying another shape for my loaves then the normal round boules or slender batards. I felt that it was time to bring some geometry in my kitchen and try to shape some triangles.

That the dough should contain 30% whole wheat flour, flax seeds and a poolish I had already decided the night before. A not to wet dough, perfect to test a new shape.

To shape the triangle, I preshape round loaves, let them rest for some time and then I flatten their sides and fold this “wings to the middle of the bread. That created a bread with the perfect triangle shape.

And the taste of the triangle is good, too. The flaxseeds adds a nutty flavor and the poolish give some complexity to the aroma of the bread. The crust is crisp and the crumb is open. A good bread for my lunch breaks!


yields 3 Breads of 600g each


  • 200g flour Type 550
  • 200g Water
  • 1g fresh yeast


  • 150g Flax seeds
  • 200g boiling Water


  • Poolish
  • Soaker
  • 350g wheat, freshly milled
  • 450g flour Type 550
  • 450g Water
  • 10g fresh yeast
  • 20g Salt

Mix water, flour and yeast for the poolish and ferment it overnight (about 12 hours).

At the next morning soak the Flax seeds in boiling water and let the soaker cool down to roomtemperature (about 1 hour)

Mix all ingredients except the soaker for the dough  and knead it for about 5 min at low speed, then 8 min on high speed until medium gluten development. Turn back to low speed and knead the soaker into the dough.

Ferment for 1 hours.

Divide the bread into 3 pieces and preform the dough to a balls. Let it rest for 15 – 20 min. Now flatten the sides of the ball, forming a higher triangle in the middle with “wings” attached to the triangle. Fold the “wings” into the middleso that a triangle is formed. Shape the edges of the triangle to sharp points. Then turn the loaves seamside down. (Here is a little How to.. with pictures)

Proof for 1 hour.

In the meantime heat the baking stone at 250°C.

Slash three times, then bake the breads for 35 min with steam.

I sent this entry to Yeastspotting, Susans weekly showcase of yeast baked good.

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10 Responses t_on Flaxseed-Triangle

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  2. Tanna July 22nd, 2012

    Love that shape … wow but 600 grams is on the large size but understanding simple division I think everybody could come up with their individual perfect size. I’ll try making them a little smaller and experiment with less time/lower temp.
    Absolutely beautiful.

    1. Stefanie July 25th, 2012

      @Tanna & Connie: I already thought about using the form for rolls, too. The shape is so nice for all bread sizes, everything is possible, from roll to loaf 🙂

  3. Connie July 22nd, 2012

    Hi Stefanie, I thought they were small like buns, but they are 600 grams each! They look so delicious and so crusty. I have roasted malt that gives nice brown color, I will use it when I bake these too.

  4. Stephi July 17th, 2012


    hab es schon nachgebacken und es sieht nicht nur super aus sondern schmeckt auch echt lecker =)

    LG, Stephi

  5. clair July 17th, 2012

    Ich muss sie leider auch klauen. Diese wird es bei mir am Donnerstag am Brotbacktag geben. Die Form finde ich ganz klasse. Und ich werde noch ein wenig Sauerteig dazugeben. Danke für das interessante Rezept.

  6. Stephi July 14th, 2012


    die sehen echt klasse aus, vor allem die Farbe finde ich super!
    Ich glaub, ich muss erst mal in die Küche gehen und schauen, ob ich noch genug Leinsamen da habe 😉



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