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February 3rd, 2013

Pommes Duchess


I complained here about my piping bag with which piping always was a pain.The Christkind seems to read my blog, too and so I found a new, strong one with nice tips under the christmas tree.

And so I needed a niece recipe for the first test of the new piping bag. After thinking about it for a while I remembered that we had not had Pommes Duchess for quite some time because piping needed always a lot of time and strength.

And so I boiled some potatoes, mashed them and mixed the mash with egg.

Drum whirl, entry of the new piping bag…

Before I could realize it, all of the pommes duchess were piped, perfectly easy and fast. And once again the saying proofed true that good tools make your life easier. Thank you, dear Christkind for this great present!

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