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February 12th, 2013

Spent Grain Flour

TrebermehlIf you, like me, do not like to waste food, then you too has to think sometimes about recipes to use leftovers or byproducts. Such a byproduct is the spent grain, a leftover from our homebrewing. I added a part of it directly to a bread and dried the remaining spent grain overnight in the oven. I found this great idea on this site.

During the night a delicious malt odour filled our flat and spent grain was compeltely dry. Milling with my home mill was easy. I got a slightly coarse flour with a slightly sweet malt taste. Its taste reminds me strongly of roasted grain “coffee”. I think it will make a great substitution for bread and rolls or whole grain cookies or even for the dough of a quiche. And beeing figh fibere (50%) and high protein (23%) makes it a healthy substitution, too.

Another interesting point for me is the fact that 1.5 kg malt yields only 500g Spent Grain Flour. That means that about 1 kg starch is converted to sugar during the mashing process. Now that it does not amaze me any longer that the wurt was so sticky.

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